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Charmcare Spirit

• Be Initiative to find the demand and work it out

• Best teamwork

• Cope effectively with changes

• Be honest and sincere in every way

• Seize the day


Healthcare For life™

Knowledge of true care in a unique pattern of patients movements with low pulse rate intensive algorithm is our specialty based on which we make oxygen saturation and pulse rate measuring equipments. Even as you read it Charmcare R&D strives to develop low cost but reliable alternative medical solutions through which more sound and safe patients healthcare can be enjoyed through out the world. Sound and safe Healthcare for Life is our company moto and based on Charmcare's unique pulse oximetry technologies and closely related biosignal probing aparatuses we shall move forward one step at a time close to our goal.

Charmcare Technology

• 12 channel EKG

• Pulse oximetry

• Non invasive BP

• Invasive BP

• Temperature

• Respiration