24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

It is the smallest and lightest blood pressure monitor in the world

ㆍWorld's first 24-hour wrist band type blood pressure monitor
   (Small: 13cm~16cm, Medium: 15cm~19.5cm)

ㆍUltra-small and ultra-light oscillometric device

ㆍNo calibration

ㆍKFDA certified

ㆍ24-hour measurements according to protocols

ㆍMinimize patient discomfort
  (Pressure, numbness, embarrassment, sleep disturbance, etc)


  • 46g (Band)
  • 120g (Packaged product : band, charger, manual)


  • 3.7V LI-ion Polymer 160mAh / 3days
  • Charging time : 1h 30min


3.7V LI-ion Polymer Battery
Charging Time
1hour 30min
Battery Life3days (Decrease by number of measurements)
Blood PressureMeasurement Range : 30 ~ 260mmHg
Accuracy : ±3mmHg
Measurement Method : Oscillometric method

Measurement Time : 30~ 160seconds
Pulse Rate
Measurement Range : 40bpm ~ 180bpm
Accuracy : ±5%
Cuff Pressure Error Display Limit
Blood Pressure ±3mmHg
pulse ±5%
Dimensions81.5(H) X 79.5(D) X 25.5(W) mm
DisplayOLED (96 X 39 pixel)
MemoryUp to 200 records


Measuring BP from both radial and ulnar may result in overestimation due to the different depth of the arteries.

H2-ABPM measures BP from a single stable signal of the radial artery only.

The smallest medical bp monitor in the world
Wristband blood pressure monitor

H2-ABPM measures BP from a single stable signal of the radial artery only.

  • Measuring BP by compressing the radial artery only.
  • The radial artery sits right on the radial bone.
  • BP can be measured even with a small amount of pressure to block the radial artery.

Reliable with stable signal

  • Only single stable signal is detected from the radial artery.
  • Eliminate the disrupting signal from ulnar artery.
  • H2-BP has been approved as a medical grade device by the clinical study by the university hospital with the tolerance within +/- 5 mmHg margin.

Comfortable and user friendly

  • While measuring BP, ulnar artery is not blocked, therefore the blood circulation continues.

How to use

1. Cuff Setting

     Height adjustment

  • Put the adjusting pin into the hole on the band as shown below
  • Push or pull while pressing the adjusting pin so that the fixed hole will be positioned at the measured number (A~D)

     Cuff position adjustment

  • Adjust the cuff position by inserting the fixing pin according to the number (①~⑦)

2. Wearing

  • Find the strong pulse point on the radial bone
  • Wear it as the cuff is located on that point

3. Measuring


  • Raise your measuring arm from the straight position and set the height with the heart
  • Lightly clench your fist and try not to put pressure on your hand



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H2-BP, the world's first wearable blood pressure monitor