Advanced Technology and Quality Management

Charmcare Technology

Charmcare has the second most number of patents related to wearable blood pressure after Omron, a world-famous blood pressure company. (Google Patent) We are developing products based on world-leading technology, and the prospects for new products to be developed are positive.

We will grow into a company that can provide customers with unexpected values by strengthening our business portfolio focused on wearable blood pressure measurement equipped with advanced technology. The goal of Charmcare is to secure stable production and capacity and lead the market.

Continuous intellectual property rights

Technology related to wearable blood pressure monitor

19 registered patents & 28 applied patents

Bio-signal related technology

5 registered patents

Artificial intelligence related technology

2 patents applied

Charmcare Quality Management

Product responsibility

Charmcare has a quality management policy of being honest with customers, fair dealings with partners, and fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities to society by promoting mutual development. We will become a responsible company until the end. As a manufacturer, we do production, inspection, and follow-up management are carried out.

In domestic hospitals, medical centers, and public institutions, Charmcare’s pulse oximeter is used, and product repair and A/S are performed directly. We hold ISO 13485 standard, a medical device quality management system, and comply with product quality and regulations, and meet the requirements of the medical device industry.

Customer service with partnerships

One of the most difficult overseas customer management in obtaining an export order for medical device is that repairing and A/S are not easy. Charmcare currently supplies products exclusively through partnerships with companies in European countries such as Germany, Poland, and some other counties in Southeast Asia. We maintain close relationships so that we are trying to build a sustainable supply system by practicing win-win cooperation with suppliers through this technological sharing.

We conduct business activities after thorough market research by country through partners related to business continuation, adjusting supply prices accordingly, and checking preferred products. We also try to reflect customer feedbacks with customer reviews from partners.