Sustainable Product Development

Bio-signal / AI Laboraty

Through the development and production of pulse oximeter and patient monitor about 20 years, Charmcare has grown in the direction of integrating it with AI specialized in the bio-signal field. AI technology reads a signal through a sensor, and provides a suitable service. In this regard, we have patents and technical skills, which have been a motive to enter the wearable healthcare industry. Products are developed and released through dedicated researchers who are in charge of hardware and software that perform various functions, including sensors that are important to read the patient’s bio-signals. Because of our long-standing technology and experience, we were able to succeed in developing a miniaturized blood pressure monitor. Charmcare Bio-signal / AI Lab strives to create innovative products through continuous research and development.

R&D focused company

Charmcare has been centered on research and development since its establishment for the sustainable management of the company. Charmcare Lab researches and develops new ideas based on new ideas to create new products. Charmcare pursues creative innovation to a healthy and happy life for mankind.

New product development to respond to the future

Our most distinct advantage in sustainable management is that the direction of the products to be developed is clear, and the demand for these products will never disappear in the medical device market. The measurement of oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, temperature, blood pressure, etc of the patient monitor used in hospitals can be of great help in maintaining health by measuring daily life and the following diagnosis with a doctor. However, it is nearly impossible for normal people to easily perform these measurements at home.

Measurements of electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation, and body temperature have already been miniaturized, but the miniaturization of blood pressure measurement is considered as the most difficult task. Charmcare has reached the closest to overcoming this challenge, and the goal is to develop a wearable automatic continuous blood pressure device and implement all functions of the patient monitor in a wearable form so that anyone can easily manage their own health.