CHARMCARE's Corporate Culture

Charmcare culture

Charmcare offers a variety of welfare benefits to improve the quality of life, job satisfaction, morale, 

and work commitment of employees.  

Employees are the source of corporate competitiveness and a valuable resource. Employees who take pride in the company and are highly immersed in their work maximize the company’s performance and have a positive effect on financial profits. In this regard, Charmcare tries to create a good workplace culture and environment in order to secure excellent workers and prevent losing them. We do our best to become a sustainable company based on mutual trust between the company and employees.

Charmcare aims for all employees’ growth and happiness. We provide opportunities for employees to develop their competencies and grow through support for education and culture regarding their work. Although we are currently having limited cultural activities due to restrictions by COVID-19, we will fulfill our responsibilities to boost morale, create a pleasant organizational culture, and improve the quality of life of our employees.


Charmcare offers the Clifton Strengths test for new employees. Based on the 34 strengths themes that came out after the test, employees can check how they can strengthen their strong themes and supplement their lower themes. Through this test, the testers will know themselves better and think about how they are going to create and improve teamwork.

Labor and Human Rights

Charmcare human rights

Charmcare respects the freedom and human rights of all people. We form aright company culture and protect human rights and labor rights for the shared growth of the company and employees.

Charmcare has various legal systems in place to protect the human rights and labor rights of our employees, and prepares and keeps official documents to guarantee and protect them. We hold regular meetings every 2 months to discuss how individuals with different personalities can focus on their work. In addition, we share time to discuss emphasizing the importance of labor rights and the responsibilities of the company and employees for a culture of mutual respect.

Comply with provisions such as voluntary overtime, observance of working hours, non-discrimination, legitimate contract, prohibition of child labor, protection of underage workers, a guarantee of statutory rest and vacation, accurate calculation and payment of wages, provide paystub, prohibition of late payment of wages, 4 major insurances are guaranteed. If there are any unreasonable matters, we make sure that they can be resolved through communication between the company and employees.

Safety and Health

Charmcare safety and health system

Charmcare strives to establish a safety culture that complies with the basics in all business facilities

and to create a healthy and safe work environment.  

Charmcare complies with the requirements of the medical device industry according to the ISO 13485 medical device quality management system, and enforces product quality and regulatory compliance. Published in 2016, this system standard requires a more thorough description of working environment, risk management, design management, and regulatory requirements, resulting in devices that meet all safety precautions.

Establish a safe working environment

Charmcare strives to detect risk factors such as aging facilities, non-compliance with safety regulations, and bad on-site management in advance and establish countermeasures.

Conduct safety training

Charmcare strives to make safety a daily routine by conducting regular safety training to manage the safety of employees and pay attention to their own safety and the safety of co-workers.