A Message from the CEO

Dear shareholders, customers, partners, and employees, thank you for your continuous support and interest in Charmcare. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has enlightened that the need to respond to public health, the economic crisis, and climate changes is more important than ever. In particular, in the midst of a public health crisis, consumer behavior has significantly changed in a direction that places the most importance on health, safety, and sustainability of life. And the demand for sustainable management by companies is also increasing.

Charmcare is committed to growing together with society in order to become a sustainable company, and is making various efforts to co-exist with the local community and stakeholders including employees.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Charmcare is carrying out various activities to minimize the impact on the environment in the entire process of product development, production and disposal.

First, we are participating in climate change response and resource recycling activities by developing high-efficiency energy products and products with enhanced durability.

We are deeply aware that compliance and ethical management are the fundamentals of sustainable management. To root the culture of compliance throughout the organization, we strive for transparent management by separating the chairman of the board directors from the CEO.

At present, the world is undergoing rapid changes in an unprecedented crisis. Charmcare will actively encourage to revitalize society with our technologies and knowledge gained through many years of experience under the motto of the company “Contributing to a healthy and happy life for mankind through creative innovation.” 

Thank you

Charmcare Co., Ltd.

Dong hwa Lee